Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Surgeon

Elle seems to find and play with the smallest little things. She will find a tiny twig or string or the plastic piece that attaches price tags to garments-and will go all through the house sticking them into any hole or crevice that she finds. Wednesday, I was making a taco dip for New Years Eve and gave Elle pieces of green pepper and tomato to snack on. There was a roll of wrapping paper on the edge of the counter top and that evening I just happened to notice that she had stuck a piece of tomato inside the cardboard tube along with a piece of grass from her new broom grandma got them for Christmas. I would just love to know what goes through their little minds sometimes.

This week at the breakfast table, Doctor Elle was carefully threading a piece from her grass broom through a cheerio-I had to laugh at Blaine's narration. You'd think he worked in the medical field (don't forget-he passes out at a drop of blood).


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