Tuesday, January 13, 2009

fashion moments

These are a few reasons why a mother of 3 little munchkins does not wear designer clothes:

Eden sitting or should I say wiggling on my lap and than sliding down my legs to the floor, only to leave a wet spot of drool on my jeans

Baby spit up that rolled down my neck and underneath my shirt

Elle flung her fork today leaving a spattering of pizza sauce on the table, my shirt, the floor, and all over herself

Dolly's white cat hair shows up on just about everything we wear-it's a good thing I love that cat-or else!

Diaper cream-a favorite to find itself in numerous places other than in the diaper-and especially on my clothes. I will miss this the least when the diaper days are OVER.

All this is worth the slobbery wet kisses of my children


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I am a wife and mommy of three beautiful little girls ages 2 and under. Life is CRAZY BUSY!!!! I started this blog for myself as a journal to help me remember the little things in life's journey.

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