Thursday, January 8, 2009


I recently discovered a program in our local community school called S.K.I.P. It stands for Successful Kids, Involved Parents. It is held 1-2 times a week at the public school. The children are ages 0-5, so there are even babies there, though Evia gets to stay home and spend some special time w/Grandma. The twins now know where we are going when I say we are going to SKIP and they are so excited. We are there for 1 hour and they have play time with story time and activities interspersed here and there. Today, the girls' attention span was about 10 seconds I think. They would touch or play w/something, than off to the next. Since they are always bumping and grabbing from each other, they have no qualms about doing this w/other kids--so I have to watch them pretty close. I am so glad that there are a great bunch of moms who understand toddlers there. There was a mom reading to her child in the corner on a tumbling mat. Well, Eden decided she was going to tumble and body slam them ( I will blame Blaine for this, since the twins love to be rough-housed and he is always tumbling with them on the floor). So Eden throws herself across both of them-and I am apologizing-and the mom was saying it was OK. She has 1 year old twins-so she really understands my life right now. Elle is slightly dangerous at times because she will pick up things and whip them up over her head behind her-this is why poor little Evia is INSIDE the play yard and they are OUTSIDE. Like I've said, my job is to make sure these munchkins get to 18 years old safe and alive. Ha!

At this very moment, they are ALL 3 asleep (don't worry, not for long). Elle had a hard time going down for a nap this afternoon. After 3 trips upstairs to her crib, putting her blanket and teddy bear back into bed w/ her, getting her water, etc.... The last time I went up there, she had sipped from her sippy cup and let the water drizzle out of her mouth, got her shirt and sheets all wet-all of which had to be changed. Kids.


Rae January 8, 2009 at 3:10 PM  

Yeah the dribble thing, Emma has been doing that for months when she gets bored. It always seems to happen after she just got dressed to leave the house, then she ends up in some random shirt I had to throw on her, not the matching cute one that now has oj on it. Our other problem is not body slamming but hugging every kid around 10 times till they can't breathe...

Barbara Manatee January 8, 2009 at 3:34 PM  

We have SKIP up here too - usually I can't make it b/c I'm at work, but hopefully I can get the kids to a few play dates while I'm home on leave, once we settle in some. I took the twins a lot when they were first born as some friends of ours went often.

Brooke January 16, 2009 at 12:10 PM  

We love SKIP here, we hadn't been in about a month because they were sick but made it back to playgroup this week and went on a field trip to the Children's museum with them.

Braeden is now in school in the morning, most of the activities are in the morning too. But I have thought about how it might be nice to take Liam or Brenna by themselves.

It is hard because they never want to play in the same area and one of them is always sneaking out the door.

But, that being said it is a great program, I have been doing it since Braeden was their age.

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