Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Eden has been Miss Opposite lately. If I say up, she says down. If I turn right, she wants to go the other way. Recently, we were having a discussion about how to be polite and that we always say "please and thank you". Eden, said 'NO, we say Thank you and Please!!"

Leave it to her to turn THAT one around!


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Gasp! Could it be that I didn't make any blog postings in May??? This blog is now 2 years old and I am amazed at how life in 2 years has changed. I now have 3 'babies' and have started a photography business--which blogging was a definite catalyst into become crazy about photography. It's a struggle to keep up a website for my photography and a personal blog-and now there is facebook, and ya da ya da ya da! Too many things, not enough time!!

So-what has this mother of multiples been doing lately???

I've been trying to find someone to re-upholster my arm chair after being experimented on by a utility knife and a 3 year old. Spending the day hovering around potty chairs and having a party every time someone makes a poppy. Loving spring/summer and so happy to have weeds in my front yard full of wild flowers....grass is so over rated anyway. Can't believe my 19 month old can say the alphabet and count to 20-----I honestly can't remember her being a baby---she just grew up too fast! Spent an hour last night with the twins shaping our bodies into the shape alphabet letters-and laughing hysterically. I am enjoying this new phase-they are such a hoot. Today they were taking a music box, winding it up and playing 'time-out'.


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