Thursday, April 30, 2009

Soap is Yucky!

While having 3 little ones can be ALOT of work, there are some things that are getting easier. For instance, the twins like to take showers now (they point to the shower head and yell "Rain!!!) and while they still need help shampooing their hair, etc.. they are much more independent. Last night, I thought, well, I can kill 2 birds with 1 stone and take a shower with them and than we will all be showered and done at once. I am all for time saving and multi-tasking. While the twins and I are in the shower, I look down at the shower floor and what do I see but a bar of soap with little bite marks in it. Yuck! I said, Girls, "Soap is Yucky" and Eden yells, "SOAP IS YUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!" After the shower, we got out our yummy/yucky book (love that book) and talked about soap. I think they will remember not to eat soap the next time.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes and No!

The twins are really into opposites right now, especially Eden, but sometimes I am wondering if they always "get it". About a week ago, I asked Eden if she wanted cereal for breakfast or pancakes. She wasn't giving me any clues to what she wanted, so I said, "Eden, do you want pancakes, yes, or no!" Her reply, "yes and no!". So, with every question that I've asked her the last few days, the response from Eden is "yes and no." Eden, do you want to go outside...."yes and no." Eden, do you want some water........."yes and no".....AUGH!

Can you see how this can drive a mother (and grandmother) crazy!!! My mother, whom I am eternally grateful for her watching all three children on the days I work, gets to hear all these new and funny little things the girls say.

photo shop stuff

I just thought this was a neat picture of Emersyn and Evia. I have been playing around w/photo shop elements. I would LOVE to take some photography classes and photoshop classes someday. MMMMMMMMMMMMMM..............after 3 kids are grown, my Masters of Nursing is done, the house is finished, and I take over the farm (just kidding).

Sunny days

We've had a taste of summer and I am liking it. Walks outside, icecream, playing in the parks. The sandhill cranes have a nest about 20 feet off our driveway and we saw a very tiny little baby crane this week. They are such beautiful birds (stay tuned for pictures). Spring = life!!! The twins had fun playing w/cousin Emersyn this weekend. The twins took turns wearing her safety helmet. Eden kept picking up rocks and declaring them " Eggs !!!" Have I ever mentioned how precious my little girls are???? LOL. \

(I'd give a million bucks to know what Eden was thinking-what an expression of deep thought)

March of Dimes

We managed to walk again this year for the March of Dimes with Elise Hill and her precious little family/friends. Sunday morning, we dressed for winter and by the time we got there, we were sweating. I think Ann Arbor was 87 for a high that day. Crazy Weather! 4 adults and 6 kids age two and under-craziness, but fun! Don't ask about Elle and Carmyn-but yes, I did dress my child that morning. Coen-you are so cute!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Easter-one Week late!

We celebrated Easter this Sunday with Blaine's family due to the fact that there there were still "sickies" in the family last week. There is always fun and chaos when all the cousins get together. Happy Birthday also to Dave and Gramma Senter!!!! Oh-and try and get small children to pose for any family picture-------------------disaster!....... Someday! (We couldn't have waited toooo much longer to have Easter-Evia wouldn't of fit in her dress! Ha Ha!)

Yeah...spring is here!

What a beautiful few days we had here-in the 70's!!!! We got to enjoy some time in the park w/family and friends this weekend. While the twins can do Much More than last fall-they still enjoyed playing with the wood chips just as much as I think everything else. Ha!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


If you could just hear the jabbering and chattering of the twins right now! And yes, I think they are finally back to their old selves before the Black Plague struck our home-(knock on wood). Today, Eden literally repeated everything I said, ALL DAY LONG, in addition to naming everything she sees or touches. This evening, we took the girls to the park to play. What a gorgeous evening. Anyway, Uncle Carey had come w/me to help and I was telling him about Eden's mimicking. He said to her "Hi Baby" and she said, "Hi Baby", and he said back to her, "Are you being a mimic?" And she said, "Mimic!". You can see how this could go one and on. Her favorite song to sing right now, "Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Grow"-just think that is funny. As I am typing this, I felt some more sticky stuff on the floor....................what could it be?..............grape juice. Hummmm, I wonder how that got there?? Maybe a certain husband, who mixed up a full pitcher of grape juice and didn't push it far enough back on the counter was found by a certain 2 year old named Elle who's mission in life at this moment is to reach and pull anything off the counter she can. Needless to say, a whole pitcher of grape juice falling 4 feet to the ground can make quit a mess. After 2 moppings last night, this morning I saw specks of grape juice on walls and ceilings and many other places. Oh, can I mention that while the mopping was being done, the twins were wanting to play in the mop water and then lying down on the wet floor with their grape speckled pajamas. Oh the joy!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

6 months-Evia

Can my baby already be 6 months old this week? I hope she doesn't mind, but I had to share some cute little pictures of her sweet, kissable, baby fat.

Happy 1st Birthday Keira!!!

Our niece Keira, celebrated her 1st Birthday on Saturday. Happy Birthday Keira! The sad part is that she was the only little one there, the rest of her cousins were home sick, ours included. Eden wound up w/Fevers and Bronchitis-For REAL! Will the sickness ever end??? Anyways, lucky for us, my parents watched our munchkins and we got to go for a little while.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Where is spring??? We have had 3 days now with snow on the ground. AUGH!!!
The girls got a few minutes of fresh air with daddy and grandpa by the local mill pond-hurry up summer, we are ready to ditch the coats!
Here is Evia doing her little laugh/screech! Its much more fun to listen to.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


All I can say is that I am glad last week is OVER!!!!! It all started with Eden throwing up at 2 a.m last friday and by Monday, 14 adults and 4 children had gotten the stomach flu (Vomiting/Diarrhea). I apologize again to our friends and family who visited us that Saturday-What a nasty virus!!! To make matters worse, I had to ship out Evia to Blaine's mom because I got sick and was so afraid she would get sick-I didn't see Evia for 3 days!! Believe me-there were tears!! For days, the twins literally just laid on the floor, barely moving, and it was all I could do to get them to take any fluids. Poor Blaine, he was on his own because I was busy caring for the twins. He had thrown up so frequently and forcefully that he had blood vessels that burst in his face and eyes. By Wednesday, Elle wasn't improving at all, had dry diapers, was refusing all fluids and was acting very strange. After 5 hours in the ER giving her fluid boluses for significant dehydration and correcting her low blood sugar, she was admitted to the pediatric floor at the hospital and ended up staying for 48 hours. There were several times that we almost brought Eden in too. I stayed with Elle the whole time in the hospital except a couple of hours to come home to shower and see Eden and Evia. Talk about no sleep, stress, and worrying-----it was exhausting. After 11 days, yesterday was the first day that they seemed to be getting somewhat of an appetite back. While the baby has a cold, she is so rosy colored and plump. Than you look at the twins, they are so pale and as thin as skeletons. It's scary. It will take a while till they are back up to speed. My main goal is to get some fat on their bones. So thank you again for all your prayers and I am eternally indebted to my mom and Karen for caring for my other children while I was in the hospital w/Elle.

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