Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mother of Multiples Craft Night

My sister-in-law Carmyn and I joined our county's local chapter of Mother of Multiples last fall. There are about 90 moms in the directory but only 1/3 or so attend the monthly meetings (just moms-no kids). Tonight was the first time both of us had our twins to one of the groups organized playdates. There was to be pizza/salad and the kids could make hand/foot prints in plaster. When we walked into the church where the meetings are held, there was absolute chaos. Imagine seeing duplicates and triplicates of kids literally screaming and running everywhere. Elle and Eden just wanted to run and play, forget food and plaster plaques. Eden's diaper got offtrack and she left a nice wet spot on Blaine's pants-and I forget the diaper bag of all nights-AUGH! Poor little Kolton (one of Carmyn's 7 month old twins) cried most of the time because it was too noisy (I would've cried too). There were 2 little twin boys that had pulled ketchup and mustard out of some cupboard and were ready to spread that all over but were luckily stopped by their mother. My Elle managed to steal some little twin's pacifier from their carseat and Eden was drinking from a sippy cup I'd never seen before. There was a nursery room off the sanctuary with kids crawling everywhere like ants. Needless to say, while loading up the kids to go home I asked Blaine how he was doing. He said "I feel like my head is spinning and my chest is tight!"

Just a note of interest, when we had chosen the names for our twins, we wanted something unique not knowing any children with the names Elle and Eden. There are 2 moms at the mother of multiples who have children named Elle and Aiden (boys). What are the odds of that????

Monday, September 29, 2008

Mike and Lisa-Congratulations

Saturday night Blaine had the twins and I went to an old classmates wedding. Congrats to Mike and Lisa!!! There were a bunch of us attending that had gone to church school together, the groom included (and some who had gone many years before us) so we all posed for a photo. I have to mention that Blaine took the twins to Al and Nancy's annual bonfire party. I didn't know he was planning this and so later that evening I was duly impressed to hear about their night at the farm with the girls feeding the Alpacas and playing in the hay wagon. Thanks esp. to Lynda and Vicki for helping play with the girls. I wish I could've been there. Next year-ok!


I had to laugh at Eden after just blogging about her being the "Arm Houdini". This was Saturday morning breakfast and I had gotten up to get something in the kitchen-when I turned around Eden had gotten both her arms through her bib and it was around her chest. That Eden!!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Bruce and Karen!!
(Blaine's parents)

The "joys" of motherhood

The last 2 nights haven't been much fun! The twins got a virus from who knows where-since we haven't been around anyone sick. They have runny noses and are congested and running low grade fevers. Well, as those of you with kids know, nights are the worst and no one gets much sleep. Last night, I had given Eden some milk before carrying her up to her crib-BIG MISTAKE!!! Milk mixed with snot is not a good combination. As I was carrying her up the stairs she started gagging/choking/coughing and up comes all her milk, watermelon and hot dog chunks from dinner. Amazingly, she stayed relatively dry while most of it managed to run down into my shirt and pants. UGH! Poor baby girl. Thank goodness this didn't happen while Blaine was carrying her or there would have been 2 people throwing up and not one!!

I am now "officially" full term but with no signs of any baby coming yet. My due date isn't until Oct 16th though. I actually lost a 1/2 lb from my doctors visit 2 weeks ago. Is that even possible? It's hard to believe when I feel like Buddha when I sit down and can't bend over. How do Sumo Wrestlers do it? Nevertheless, we are getting SO excited to see our newest little baby girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Corn: Cooked vs. Raw

What is trip up to Gramma and Grampa's farm without eating some corn? The twins have learned-(as well as many unsuspecting farm customers over the years who have had to taste raw corn from farmer Dwight)- that corn doesn't have to be cooked to be eaten.

Pumpkin Princesses 2008

It was a year ago that I took pictures of the twins both sitting inside a pumpkin. They were not crawling yet. This year, they are literally running in opposite directions making taking pictures a much greater challenge. They had fun crawling over grampa's pumpkins tonight. What is most stunning are the colors. Their hair is such a brilliant orange that it literally matches the color of the pumpkins.

The Arm Houdini-Eden Emberlen

One morning as I went up into the nursery to get the girls, here was Eden with her arm stuck out of her PJ's (believe me, this wasn't the first time). I am always amazed at what things she can get her arms out of; carseats, clothing, stroller straps-you name it. She has acquired the name "Arm Houdini" for this extra special skill! ha! The girls are so funny in the morning with their wild hairdo's. When you open the door to their bedroom, they are in the cribs, simultaneously bouncing and jumping up and down.

Ehrich Weiss (Harry Houdini)

Harry Houdini became world-renowned for his stunts and feats of escapology even more than for his magical illusions
Born March 24, 1874(1874-03-24)
Budapest, Hungary
Died October 31, 1926 (aged 52)
Detroit, Michigan, U.S.
Occupation magician, escapologist, stunt performer, actor, historian, pilot, and paranormal investigator

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The little Pianists

The girls are really into music and are singing all the time, especially Eden. She is practically on key with the first part of the ABC's,. They sit on the piano bench all the time and when I get the guitar out, they are already dancing. They have GROWN!!! We just had another well baby exam this week. They have both grown 2 1/2 inches and gained 2 pounds in about 3 months. WOW!!! I knew they were taller just due to the fact that they can reach many more things. We really have to watch whats on the counters, etc... We don't have to go back for another well baby check till they are 2. Yeah!

Hurricane Ike

While the devastation that Hurricane Ike left behind in Texas, Haiti and Cuba was terrible-the storm did a curve ball to the North East and we were hammered with rain for 3 straight days. The bulk of the storm and rain came Sunday and we got a total of 10 inches. What a mess! We were lucky to not have any damage, but there was flooding everywhere. Here are a couple pictures. Blaine's brother Kyle couldn't make it out to our house because of the flooding over our road. The second photo is up by the farm market.

Gramma's B-day

We had a small little get together and celebrated my mom's B-day. The girls helped gramma blow out her Birthday candles. Here are the girls reading Little Lady Bug with Katia-the last time she was here, there girls were just learning to walk. Now they are running!

Uncle Brent

Uncle Brent has been here for several weeks this summer up from Kentucky and the girls have had fun getting to know their Uncle. I think Elle is especially sweet on him.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Birthday !!!!

Happy Birthday to Gramma Marlene today!!!!! Happy Birthday to Grampa Morgan too!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

playing with dolls

Well, I have been trying to get the girls ready for the new baby. Everyday I play with the twins and their little toy babies (I can't call them dollies because our cat is named Dolly and they give me this crazy look when I say, "Go get your Dolly" while pointing to the baby doll. They must think, "Silly mommy, that's not the cat!") So anyway, I was trying to get Eden to play with her baby in the toy stroller yesterday. She took one look at the baby, threw it about 4 feet, piled a stack of wooden blocks in the stroller and pushed them around the nursery. Oh Boy!!! I think this could be a challenge. Elle could care less about babies and dolls. She would much rather play with her plastic zoo animals and bang around the pot lids and play dress up in front of the mirror. Tonight we were outside by the farm park and they spent about 2 minutes in their sandbox till they spotted one lonely little mud puddle left in the dirt road. That is where they spent the rest of the evening. Splashing and running through the mud-they were covered! Did I mention once again how much I love oxi-clean?

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Belly Wars

You may want to close your eyes for this blog post and completely skip it, but here is an update on the current belly war between Carey (my brother) and Me. Vote for the winner. Ha! Just kidding! Stay tuned for more pictures from the Labor Day picnic.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day Picnic

We had about 70 people at my parent's annual Labor Day Picnic. There is always lots of good food and fun. What a change from this year to last. Last year, the twins were not even sitting up by themselves, this year they were running everywhere, in the sandbox, playing with the rocks in the road and just having a ball. Here are a few of the best pictures I took at the picnic.)

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