Friday, May 30, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

Yesterday we found out the wonderful news that we are having a little baby GIRL!!! We couldn't be happier, more excited, or more blessed!!! To think that a year ago we had no children and this fall we will be the proud parents of 3 beautiful girls. What an amazing privilege! With amazement we saw the newest addition to our family via ultrasound and we were told that everything looks healthy and normal. We could see all 4 little heart chambers pumping away and even the ventricles in the brain-amazing!. Our OB/GYN's office has the 4D ultrasound and so we were able see somewhat of a profile of our baby. The baby was lying face down in the uterus with her hand tucked up by her face-so precious. I shared with Uncle Carey how I have gained 7 lbs in the last month-he boasted, "that's nothing, I can gain that in a week!" Leave it to Carey.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look at the CURLY RED GORGEOUS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Memorial Day

What a special Memorial Day! Last year was heart wrenching due to the fact that we had just silently suffered through another adoption failure and I was mourning for our little twins and praying for them. It was so tough to see all the beautiful little children in the parade last year and everyone you saw would remind you of your loss. This year I had two little red-headed bundles of energy strapped into their radio flyer wagon as we pulled them along with the other children in the local parade. They are such miracles in our lives-God has blessed us beyond belief!!! Of course, they were the cutest little girls in the whole parade. We had a wonderful outdoor picnic breakfast with close friends and family at the farm by the 3 Oak Trees after the parade and enjoyed the warm but windy weather. That afternoon the girls played in the Lake-I don't think they would've stopped until they were blue and hypothermic, than we enjoyed icecream at our favorite Uncle Ray's with Mike, Jen, and Owen. Those little girls slept like rocks that night. What a busy day for them.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Finally, back to 70 degree weather to make a beautiful Memorial Day weekend so far. Yesterday, we had a nice visit with Laura, Riley, Jackson plus Chari and Chris from California-it was great to see them! We took the girls to the Mill Pond last night and the park and they had a blast. Elle is walking so great and I thought she would play more with the slides/swings but was more interested in playing with the wood chips around the playground. Eden should have been named Everest after the mountain. She is such a climber. She can climb just about anything. This morning we had breakfast at the lake house with Blaine's family. Wow-are there ever kids everywhere. The girls haven't been around dogs very much so I took them outside to play with Kyle and Krista's dogs, Daisy and Hydro. Those poor dogs didn't know what hit them. Those girls along with their cousin Emersyn surrounded the dogs and Daisy and Hydro took off and hid under the screened in porch. Here are some pics with Grampa!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baaaa....Baaaaa Sheep!

Today was really depressing. The day started out on a high note due to the fact that David Cook, my favorite pick from the start, had won American Idol last night. Yeah! Well, my co-workers informed me (following a staff meeting held yesterday) that the Ambulatory Surgery Center where I work will cease to exist as I know it. This change could happen in the next 2 weeks or next 2 months. So, who knows what will happen to my job. I know I won't lose my position as an RN, but where I will be and in what area and what shift is up in the air. These really are crazy times we are living in. So, will keep you posted on what happens there. On a good note, Eden is finally walking here and there. The funny thing is that it's outdoors where she feels more confident. When we get back inside, she is more likely to crawl. Elle is walking very well now and is constantly wandering around with a toy in her hand or something in her mouth. They are too cute to watch-these 2 little 20 pound bodies with teeny legs waddling around. They are growing height wise too and can reach many more things that they couldn't before. Elle discovered how fun it is to open the oven door (yikes-we are fixing that) and I saw Eden trying to push buttons on the dishwasher yesterday after she watched me start it. Those little smarties. I just finished reading a book (sacrificing precious sleep but couldn't put the book down) called Identical Strangers by Elyse Schein and Paula Berstein. It's about identical twins separated at birth who re-unite at age 35. What a story and what insights into twins-especially identicals. Did you know that if 2 sets of identical twins marry, their offspring will technically be genetically full siblings? Just some twin info for tonight.
Here are pics of the girls' visit to Jim's farm to see the sheep-baaaa!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mountain Goats

It is official-there are mountain goats living in this house. Today I was in the living room with Elle and turned around and here was Eden standing, yes standing, on top of their pink retro kitchen play stove. I quickly got her down in a panic-had she fallen, she would surely of gotten a head injury. I couldn't believe she had gotten up there. Well, I watched her immediately attempt to crawl on the stove again. Like the incredible hulk with muscles shaking, she pulled on the play faucet with all her might, swung her knee on the ledge, pulled herself around into the sink, then easily she was able to step onto the top. The kitchen play set is going to be moved into our bedroom till they are older. They can still play with it, but only when they are in our room and I am constantly watching them. They say that mothers have a third eye in the back of their head, well, I am in the process of growing several-ha!
The pics are of the girls' first pig-tails. Too Cute!!! It makes them look so old to me.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The first blog post!

Well, it's about time the Walkers get into blogging. I have had so much fun reading everyone else's blogs and whether or not anyone else is interested in reading this, I know my mother will be. ha ha! We have a website,, but it's so challenging to continually add things to it, that I thought this might be easier. We will see. It's 9 p.m. and both the twins are up and about. Eden has been continually crawling into the bottom shelf of our 3 tiered planter and can't get out-so each time we have to pull her out. Elle is walking to and fro with Weebles in her hands and I found one in the drawer under the dryer a while ago. Bedtime has been getting later and later with the sun setting later and so that means less quite time at night for mommy and daddy to get things done. Elle just came up and reached for her bottle off the computer desk and is walking around with it high above her head stumbling around like a drunken sailor. It's so funny to watch them drink out of sippy cups. They hold it way back like they are trying to drink the last drop-even if the cup is full. It was so windy today, but at least with had some beautiful sunshine. I am going to add some pictures of the girls playing with their pink retro kitchen and the 3 of us outside on our little woodchuck hill which is covered with yellow mustard flowers. Someday we will have a lawn, but for now, we are enjoying all the meadow flora.

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