Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Two years ago, the most precious little baby girls were born. Happy Birthday Elle and Eden-you are such big girls now and we love you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!

Here is a glimpse from one year ago.


There used to be the days when you could brag, "Oh yes, my kids LOVE vegetables." Asparagus, squash, green beans, etc... Those days have passed....hopefully not forever. We are in the terrible two's food rut. My kids are basically surviving on fruit, pancakes, string cheese, toast, raisins and fishy crackers. Eden does better on some days, but there are times I just throw my hands in the air after they spit out what I've prepared. Last night I was peeling raw carrots to cook and gave the girls some raw carrot slices to munch on before dinner. This is what I found later.

Bits of spit up raw carrot pieces found themselves in just about every room of the house. Even on the window ledge!!! They kept coming back for more pieces and I was so excited thinking that they were actually EATING them.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


If you think getting two 2 year olds dressed to go out and play in the snow is fun...think again. Snow pants, coats, mittens, hats, snowboots, etc.... and than right before they leave the door I smell what most parents dread-the poopy smell. I had to peel all the layers off Eden, change her diaper, redress her.............all the while she is mimicking me sneezing, "Ah...Ah......Ah..........CHOO!" over and over, giggling each time with this super high pitched little laugh only a toddler can make. I guess getting them dressed for outdoors isn't so bad after all.

Exxon Valdes

This morning a small little wrist with a hand and fingers attached to it somehow eluded the child lock on the lazy susan in the kitchen and a brand new bottle of vegetable oil on the top shelf tipped over and spilled e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e!! It is amazing how much oil is in a container-it seemed like gallons. What a mess! Having kids somedays makes you feel like you are taking one step forward and two steps back.

The twins are practicing for their 2nd B-day party. Everyday we put on elmo party hats and they blow out 2 candles that are stuck in a cup of rice. Eden is pretty good at blowing already, but Elle just sucks air in through her nose. We are still working on that.

Last night we came home from visiting Blaine's brothers house and the baby was in the car carrier in the entryway. Eden spotted her, gave her kisses, and than proceeded to put her shoes on the baby. She stepped back, admired her work, than ran off to play.

Elle lately is OBSESSED with the Fisher Price farm and animals set. She drags the barn everywhere--her favorite destination with her barn is usually your lap. Than she gets all the farm animals and makes them slide off the roof--She will do this 20-50 times. If you move the barn or face it in the wrong direction she gets so mad!! While it is cute watching this little body drag this barn and silo all around-I have to put this toy away at times to give us all a break.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009, schmars

Yesterday Blaine and I went to the Detroit Auto Show and than he had a dinner meeting we attended. Just to eat a meal, sitting down, and not being interrupted, was a treat in itself. The Auto show was OK (I'm not a big car fan)-you could tell that it was "toned down" from previous years. Whoever would've thought that the most attractive vehicle to me would be the Chevy Suburban. I could LOVE that vehicle right now with all the carseats and paraphernalia that comes with 3 small children. The kids were home with grampa and gramma and I am sure had fun-but did I ever miss them. These pics are just some that I took this week-Eden is being quite silly here and I am trying to get some of Evia's little rolls on her legs and her chubby little fingers.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Facebook. I had little knowledge of this phenomenon and had an account about a year ago to look at a friend's pictures, but other than that, ignored it. Well.........facebook is major scary!!! Scary because you could potentially spend every waking moment on it. My friend Jen Meuller was here last weekend and showed me how to connect w/friends and within one week I have connected with over 108 friends from college, high school and all over the country. It's unreal!! I will have to discipline myself-but how much fun I have had seeing friends, their pictures, see what they are up to, etc... So, maybe I will see you on facebook.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, one positive of having a baby girl is that we have everything that little girls need, including clothing-and double at that! Well.....I am getting a bit worried. Little Evia, or should I say -- 90th percentile in weight Evia-- is wearing size 6-9 month clothing. This was the twins SUMMER clothing size. We are in the middle of winter. Last night it was a record low, -16 degrees. I am hoping that Evia will start growing more lengthwise instead of widthwise (I don't think that is a word).

Today I put Evia in a bumbo and lined all 3 girls up and read to them. Eden kissed Evia's head about 15 times after the story was done and Elle patted her head like she was a kitty. It was so cute. What wasn't cute was the fact that Elle did not take a nap today. This is almost worse than death when your child doesn't nap, because the rest of the day you know you will have a cranky toddler with a short fuse. I am not necessarily blaming this on Elle, but every now and than, poopy diapers sabotage naptime. If a #2 occurs during a nap, forget the rest of the nap. I found Elle in her crib, pants off, all her teddy bears, blanket, sheets, everything, thrown out of the crib and she had a poopy diaper. I will be grateful the diaper didn't get thrown too. That can even make me, a seasoned nurse who has taken care of plenty of #2 situations, shudder.

Sorry if that was too much information for a blog. Anyway, I found a picture of the twins wearing an outfit Evia had on today. All I can say is Wow! Look at my cuties wearing the same outfit! (Evia will be 3 months on Thursday, the twins were almost 8 months here)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

fashion moments

These are a few reasons why a mother of 3 little munchkins does not wear designer clothes:

Eden sitting or should I say wiggling on my lap and than sliding down my legs to the floor, only to leave a wet spot of drool on my jeans

Baby spit up that rolled down my neck and underneath my shirt

Elle flung her fork today leaving a spattering of pizza sauce on the table, my shirt, the floor, and all over herself

Dolly's white cat hair shows up on just about everything we wear-it's a good thing I love that cat-or else!

Diaper cream-a favorite to find itself in numerous places other than in the diaper-and especially on my clothes. I will miss this the least when the diaper days are OVER.

All this is worth the slobbery wet kisses of my children

Sunday, January 11, 2009

DIPPY lunch

I've been having so much fun taking video, the camera has sat in the closet for a week. So today I took some pics of our daily adventures. We've had LOTS of snow again and so we are inside almost all the time-ugh! Evia has now gone from my little peanut to my little toad-she is so round-but adorable and such a sweet baby. A strip of hair on the back of her head has worn off from turning her head. She will quietly sit on my lap and watch the twins run-all the while her head is turning back and forth, back and forth.
Here she is w/daddy:

We had a "dippy" lunch today. I had bought the twins the cutest frog and ladybug melamine themed plate sets from Target last year. Good thing I found a similar set for Evia (it's the cow/barn set) just this past week at Target (I remember my brothers and I fighting to the death over special plates when we were kids). The twins love to dip things and so lunch today was all dipped stuff: chips dipped in guacamole, pretzels dipped in yogurt, etc... They loved it. I think it was the quietest lunch ever. And maybe the messiest.

Here is Eden (it got much messier after this picture was taken): Eden had the ladybug plates and Elle the frog.

So, I had to take all of Eden's clothes off from her messy lunch. While I was wiping the floor up, she zooms around the corner in her Plasma car. She was being so silly, and I had to laugh at her purple and pink boots (her favorites).

This afternoon, I set up their zebra tent and filled it with plastic balls. They were having a ball entertaining themselves in there. I tried to capture their hair as it was sticking out all over the place from static electricity

I just can't believe how big my girls are getting. Can they really be 2 years old in a coupld of weeks??? I was filling out the twins' baby books this past week and I honestly can't remember them being babies. It was here and gone in a flash. I am trying to savor these moments w/Evia, for I know they will be gone too. I don't ever remember my life flying by this fast. I don't see it slowing down anytime soon either.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I recently discovered a program in our local community school called S.K.I.P. It stands for Successful Kids, Involved Parents. It is held 1-2 times a week at the public school. The children are ages 0-5, so there are even babies there, though Evia gets to stay home and spend some special time w/Grandma. The twins now know where we are going when I say we are going to SKIP and they are so excited. We are there for 1 hour and they have play time with story time and activities interspersed here and there. Today, the girls' attention span was about 10 seconds I think. They would touch or play w/something, than off to the next. Since they are always bumping and grabbing from each other, they have no qualms about doing this w/other kids--so I have to watch them pretty close. I am so glad that there are a great bunch of moms who understand toddlers there. There was a mom reading to her child in the corner on a tumbling mat. Well, Eden decided she was going to tumble and body slam them ( I will blame Blaine for this, since the twins love to be rough-housed and he is always tumbling with them on the floor). So Eden throws herself across both of them-and I am apologizing-and the mom was saying it was OK. She has 1 year old twins-so she really understands my life right now. Elle is slightly dangerous at times because she will pick up things and whip them up over her head behind her-this is why poor little Evia is INSIDE the play yard and they are OUTSIDE. Like I've said, my job is to make sure these munchkins get to 18 years old safe and alive. Ha!

At this very moment, they are ALL 3 asleep (don't worry, not for long). Elle had a hard time going down for a nap this afternoon. After 3 trips upstairs to her crib, putting her blanket and teddy bear back into bed w/ her, getting her water, etc.... The last time I went up there, she had sipped from her sippy cup and let the water drizzle out of her mouth, got her shirt and sheets all wet-all of which had to be changed. Kids.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

playing with daddy

Blaine and the girls had a blast one morning as he pushed them around the house in their doll strollers. It was a hoot! If you listen carefully, you will hear the baby, who I was holding, let out a surprise near the end of the video (she will kill me someday for putting this on the blog).

Monday, January 5, 2009

January Days

some new things happened on Monday

1) I actually paid to have my house cleaned. Well, a good friend of mine did it and I am grateful to her for even having the courage to clean my floors. I told her I think it would've been better to have a complete stranger clean-but it's nice to know you have good enough friends that you don't have to worry about it. So, I watched my 3 little ones (thanks mom for helping this morning-actually, many mornings-I would die at times without you!!) and my friend cleaned. (this is why the house isn't getting cleaned, you either watch kids, nurse the baby, or clean, there isn't time to do it all). The house feels so good tonight. Plus, I got caught up on the laundry-which really never ends. I announced to everyone that we will now only wear one outfit a week-this way I won't have to do laundry again till sometime in the spring. ha! This lasted about 10 seconds till the baby spit up on the sweater I had just put on her.

2) Eden said all sorts of new words today including penguin, gorilla, walrus, donkey. I will have to put some video of them making animal noises and babbling away

3) Evia is reaching out and grasping at things-I am not sure how intentional it is, but this is new. She is wearing 6 month clothing and even some onesies the twins wore. She is a chunk-er-oo! She is even giggling now-it's heart melting!

4) The girls got plasma cars from Grandma for Christmas and Elle and Eden pushed me around the kitchen and dining room about 15 times in a row, fighting over who could push me next. mmmmmmmmmm..........I hope this energy and enthusiasm will someday translate to chores.................mmmmmmmmmmmm.........most likely not!

The following video clip is of Evia, following her bath, wrapped in her towel. She is so cute!
I was thinking that about this time last year, the twins were zipping around our house in walkers. Little did we know what climbers were about to emerge-oh, how they grow so fast.
(by the way, I hate listening to my voice on video-ugh!)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Surgeon

Elle seems to find and play with the smallest little things. She will find a tiny twig or string or the plastic piece that attaches price tags to garments-and will go all through the house sticking them into any hole or crevice that she finds. Wednesday, I was making a taco dip for New Years Eve and gave Elle pieces of green pepper and tomato to snack on. There was a roll of wrapping paper on the edge of the counter top and that evening I just happened to notice that she had stuck a piece of tomato inside the cardboard tube along with a piece of grass from her new broom grandma got them for Christmas. I would just love to know what goes through their little minds sometimes.

This week at the breakfast table, Doctor Elle was carefully threading a piece from her grass broom through a cheerio-I had to laugh at Blaine's narration. You'd think he worked in the medical field (don't forget-he passes out at a drop of blood).

Organized Chaos

So Blaine got a Flip Mino for Christmas-it's a tiny little camcorder that fits in your pocket. All it does is takes Vidoes. There is a USB plug on it that flips out to plug right into your computer. It's so simple and fun. It really is the coolest little gadget and I especially was excited about it since I can now add video clips to the blog. Here is a taste of what it took to get 8 kids to sit still for a picture-!

what you can't see is that we have a TV playing Baby Einstein-my twins are GLUED to the TV when that is playing, otherwise they wouldn't of sat there for more than 10 seconds

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