Wednesday, July 30, 2008


What a fun week this has been with Breighton and Kenny here! I really have missed that old (or should I say young) Breighton being around. (I think the teenage girls at the cornstand have too-ha). Tonight we gorged ourselves on the traditional favorite-Johnnies Pizza and their steak fries. The last time we were at Jonnies, the twins weren't walking alone and could barely reach the bubblegum machine dispenser. Tonight they were running and are now at eye level with the gumball machine. Oh how they've grown. ps-Breighton has Elle, Kenny has Eden

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Another busy week has gone by and I didn't realize I haven't blogged since last week. The girls have really changed the last couple of weeks, we are hearing words now-finally. "All Done" is the hit and they wander around the house yelling, "All done, All done". I brought out the jack in the box toy their grandma gave them for their 1st birthday and they can crank the handle around pretty good, what is funny is that they crank it a few times and than run because they are scared of the butterfly jumping out at them. We have graduated from highchairs to booster seats at the table and so the girls sit directly in front of each other. Today they mimicked everything the other did. One would put her head down on the table, then the next would. Elle would eat her food off the table and than Eden would. I am still having trouble keeping Elle out of the dirt in our plantar. This week I caught her red-handed pulling dirt out. After I scolded her, I was cleaning up and here were all these cloves of garlic. She was able to reach, once again, into the "locked" lazy susan in the kitchen and pull out the sock full of garlic. She had peeled all the paper skins off and there was even bites in the garlic. My house was quite aromatic to say the least. As I am typing this, I heard a bang next to me at the computer desk Elle has a blanket over her head and is walking around blinded. She is laughing now. We have special visitors this week, Breighton and his dad Kenny plus their little dog Rocco-we are so glad to get to spend some time with them! The photo attached is of the girls playing with cousin Emersyn's new dolls and double stroller she got for her 2nd B-day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Elle, Eden and Emersyn-the Killer E's-as they have been nicknamed!

A day to Celebrate!

A year ago today (even though it was on a friday), Blaine called me at work to tell me that I was a mommy!!! Our girls' actual adoption day is July 26th but we were able to see the twins right away as soon as the parental rights were released. We were looking back at photos from a year ago and -wow- how far we have come. Craig Morgan sang a little tune this weekend, "It's Only Just Begun." How true that is. To think that a year ago, our girls couldn't even sit up on their own. Today, Blaine and I were working in the new nursery and here was Eden, climbing up the 8 foot ladder. I was going to stop her but Blaine wanted to see how far she could climb. So he spotted her and within a flash, she was up to the top. I am watching for my gray hairs to come in. I think I will change Eden's Indian name from 'Climbs Like a Goat' to 'Climbs Like A Gorilla'. She just has this innate drive to CLIMB..CLIMB..CLIMB.
(In the photos) My Uncle Don sent the girls the most adorable little outfits from the Anne Geddes store in DisneyLand, CA. The only Ann Geddes store in the world. They wore them to Aunt Shannon's B-day party. They are too CUTE!!!! (Thanks again Uncle Don)(Eden is in Pink-Elle in White)

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Uncle Brent was here this weekend from Kentucky, and saw the twins for the first time. Has it been that long since he was here last? Remind me to get a picture of him on the blog....Well, corn season has begun and the farm is in full swing. Hurry up and get your corn, it's selling fast! I picked a handful of fresh raspberries today-yum! The Morgans were here w/CJ for the weekend and was fun seeing them. We took a ride on the lake. The girls' life jacket outfits made them look like Ninja Turtles. Elle was having fun with Grandpa E driving the pontoon. Blaine's mom has such beautiful flowers at the lakehouse this year and Eden especially has been enthralled with them. They know they aren't to touch the flowers but can smell them and have been following those rules about 95% of the time. Elle has this funny way she leans into the flowers to smell them. I got some beautiful photos of the girls with grandma's flowers. Elle is in pink, Eden in blue (Katia, thanks again for those precious outfits).

Thursday, July 10, 2008


This may be TMI (too much information) for some of you, but it's what happens in my real with life 1 year old twins. Usually, the bathroom is a place of respite and off limits-a place where the door is shut and "intruders" aren't welcome. Today, I had to go ASAP (which is happening much more frequently as I think does with most pregnant women) and the door didn't get shut. I am simply amazed at how fast those little girls can discover an opened door that is always shut. So here I am on the potty (the newly adapted, child friendly name for toilet, or commode if you are a nurse-ha) with an audience of 2 little red haired girls delightfully eying the toilet paper dispenser and anything else that they can touch. Luckily, I had a child's book in there, one from my childhood featuring Zero Mostel of Sesame Street which has photographs of him enacting opposites. Dolly, our cat, who never seems to miss out on any action, was immediately on the sink next to the potty observing all of this...... So here I am on the potty, reading a book on opposites to the girls with dolly over my shoulder. Like I said, this is probably too much information but all very real when you have little children-ha ha! Could this be a commercial for Mastercard's priceless moments???

Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence weekend

What a great 4th of July this year-our little girls got to see their first hometown parade. We all went to Aunt Sally's to watch (that's Aunt Sally with the twins on her Hammock-how cute). The parade was almost 2 hrs, and the girls sat through most of it watching all the clowns, cars, balloons, etc...I thought the picture of Eden sniffing a flower was too cute to not share. We enjoyed spending time at gramma and grampa W's lakehouse in the afternoon, but were in bed by fireworks time. One funny thing today-I found a little tennis shoe in the onion basket which is located in the lazy susan in the kitchen. Even though there is a safety latch on it, you can open each side a couple of inches. Well, that's enough space for a little 17 month old hand (most likely Elle's) to put a shoe in there along with an assortment of many other things. I find things in the strangest of places. (ps-Thank you gramma E for all the wonderful fresh peaches, strawberries, blueberries and fresh tomatoe juice-love Elle and Eden). (pss-Doc Wally, we hope you get well soon-we have some boony bashing to do).

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