Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Storm

On Sunday, we had quite a storm come through our area. There were tornado warnings,high winds and heavy rain. We had some limbs fall down by our home, but luckily, no major damage and no one was hurt. After the storm cleared, we drove to the lakehouse to survey the storm damage and to celebrate Carmyn's birthday (Happy Birthday Carmyn!). We saw many large trees that had been blown completely over which was impressive. We loaded up the kids and walked down the road. The girls were more interested in playing with some driveway reflectors than anything else. Who would've thought that some simple reflectors could be so much fun? Yesterday, Eden climbed up on a lawn chair and had a soda cracker in hand. After breaking up the soda cracker into hundreds of tiny pieces, she entertained herself for the longest time throwing each and every little tiny piece of cracker over the back of the lawn chair, one by one. What fun for a 16 month old!


Florida Girl June 15, 2008 at 5:40 PM  

Your tummy is looking as cute as ever! Sounds like you are a busy mommy, only to become busier. I love how Savannah gets a kick out of the simple things in life. Glad all is well up in MI!

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