Saturday, June 21, 2008

Port Huron

Today we spent the afternoon in Port Huron. We love to go there and picnic on the river just by the Blue Water Bridge. The big freighter ships come off lake Huron down through the river and there are so many other neat boats to see. The girls were squealing when we got out of the Pilot and headed straight for the water. They really attract quite the attention. Several people asked if they were twins (I get that all the time-isn't it obvious??) and the next favorite question is "where do they get their red hair from?" I used to say that God gave it to them,(which He did), but that just doesn't seem to be what people like to hear. They just look at you with this blank look, like they are trying to process your answer. So, I have now changed this response to the UPS man. For some reason that always gets a big smile. What is ironically funny is that UPS and mail carriers won't even drive out to our home but will leave any packages at my parent's home. Sadly, rain and hail came and cut our outdoor play time short, but we were so happy to get to visit with Tom and Veronica who luckily live in view of the bridge. What a nice surprise to see Donna and her 3 yr old twin boys there too!


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