Wednesday, June 4, 2008

statistics of pregnancy following adoption

Blaine and I are thinking about photocopying this and having it handy to hand out to those people who emphatically exclaim how after adopting, pregnancy just seem to always happen-well, it doesn't. (just my rant for the night)

encyclopedia of adoption

pregnancy after adoption

Although the majority of adoptive parents do not have a biological child subsequent to an adoption, virtually every new adoptive parent has heard about a person with this experience. It is unknown how many adoptive mothers become pregnant after adopting but probably well less than 10% have biological children after they adopt a child. In many cases, the pregnancy is unplanned because the mother presumed she was infertile.

In an extensive study performed by Michael Bohman, he found 8% of the adoptive parents ultimately had a biological child. According to Bohman, 8% of the infertile couples who had applied to the agency and then withdrew before adopting also later had biological children. Bohman discussed other studies, which indicate postadoptive pregnancies at a rate of about 3% to 10%.


Rae 6582 June 6, 2008 at 8:15 PM  

I can't tell you how many times I heard this too! How as soon as we adopted Emma I would just get pregnant like that(snap!). Just know there are so many women floating in that boat with you and understand.

By the way we are so very excited for you all and love getting updates and pictures all the time!


nancollard May 10, 2011 at 12:51 PM  

Hi. Saw your blog while researching pregnancy postadoption.Your girls are precious, yes, but you & your friends who have adopted are far more precious!Thank you all so very much. On my blog,, I have an article on this topic because I think it is a great tool to help push people over a wall that shouldn't be there when wanting to become a parent. naturally, I understand why a person longs for a biological child, but they also think they would never desire to raise a stranger.Its because of inherent-coding at work. You all got past that and adopted. But MOST people don't. So I suggest a Win-Win idea to break down that coding and help children at the same time. Fostering.There is a huge need for very temporary fostering that majority of us are unaware of! 1-night,2-night,2wks,2months. And if you end up being 1 of %that does get pregnant afterwards...WinWin. If not, your heart has been woken to fostering & adoption. In my small world, I know of 11 postadoption pregnancys. Thanks, & I do still understand how you feel, but maybe it could open a door instead. May is Foster Parenting Month. speaks about it & how we can help, if you'd like to share the word. have a great summer with your girls,Love,Nan

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