Wednesday, June 18, 2008

June Days

Happy Belated Fathers Day to all you fathers out there. The past 5 days or so we have all been fighting a nasty sore throat/cough, running noses, etc... It is not fun to have two sick 16 months old at the same time when you yourself feel lousy, but I think we are now on the up and up. Good news-there was a tentative agreement at our hospital with a newly negotiated nursing contract and we will vote next Monday to ratify it. I haven't seen any details but am hoping that our health insurance package remains intact. I got the insurance bill summary for the girls' last 15 month well baby exam. It was $300.00 each. I just can't imagine what people do without health insurance. I have a feeling this will be a pivitol topic in this coming election-at least it should be. Last night I dressed the girls in their cute little nightgowns from Cindy-they are like the little house on the prairie type-so cute-but there are no pants or legs in them. This morning when I got Elle up, there were huge wet spots on her sheets. Usually there is a little drool spot here and there-but then I noticed a diaper hanging through the crib bars at the back of the crib. She had somehow managed to pull her diaper off in the night. She must've loved that! (she is going to kill me someday for writing this). Blaine said to me, "you must not have put the diaper on good last night." I reminded Blaine that this little Elle/Hercules can almost do a chin-up by herself. I am sure she can easily manage to pull off a diaper. Ha! Did I mention that when you come and visit us now, that you will see that our couch has new little faded out spots on it. This decorating style has been brought to you by Desitin Cream-which was then attempted to be removed by oxiclean. (ps-don't try and remove daiper cream stains out of your couch with oxiclean-first, it doesn't work, second, it will ruin your couch fabric). I guess no new furniture till they are 30! ha!
Here are some pics of the girls playing on their little tykes climber-they have almost mastered it. There are some pics of them having a picnic with grandma and grandpa E, and of course, some cute (but dirty) feet photos of Blaine with Elle and Eden. We tried to do Blaine and them together-but you try and keep 6 feet still at the same time.


Florida Girl June 19, 2008 at 11:07 PM  

Hi Annie,
You are too nice. We started swimming lessons last week actually. She has been in a pool a few times at hotels and that's about it. She has improved a lot since we've started. The class we are in is mom and tots and there are like 9 month olds in it. I guess the earlier the better. I love your pictures of your feet! Too cute, especially in the black and white. I love that we can stay connected this way. How are your tummy and baby doing? Do you have the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book? If not it's great! Have a great night!

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