Friday, June 20, 2008

Pacifier Wars

I took the girls to VG's this week to get a few groceries. I love that store because it is the only store that has a kids cart that has a double seat by the push handle, plus it has the attached front play car with 2 steering wheels. So technically, you could take 4 children to the grocery store if you are particularly adventurous. They love the produce section and I point out the fruits and vegetables and let them touch (not squeeze) them. (So make sure you always wash your fresh fruits and veggies when you get them home since you never know if a twin or two has groped them). We had gone through most of the store when Elle started getting fussy. I reached into the diaper bag for a pacifier. As soon as Eden saw Elle put it in her mouth she decided she wanted one too, however, she already had one in her mouth. It was so entertaining to watch this transaction because I could see the wheels in her little head turning. Eden stopped grabbing for Elle's pacifier, pulled her own pacifier out of her mouth, intensely studied it for several seconds, and with a sign of relief and pleasure, place it back in her mouth. Than all was well in the worlds of Elle and Eden. Before the days of them walking, they would sit in front of each other and swap pacifiers, suck a few seconds and swap back. Never assume for a single second that they don't know what the other twin is doing-they may be busy playing with their own toy, but they know exactly where and what the other is doing.


Florida Girl June 20, 2008 at 10:16 PM  

That's so cool. You'll have lots of great stories. FYI, write down the stories because you won't remember. I think I will and after a few days I forget. Awful I tell you. So write everything down!!! :)

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