Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bee Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a fun time at the park on Saturday with the Wood's family and my parents. We picnicked by a playground and the girls were much more interested in playing with the stones than anything else. Elle especially was putting them in her mouth. I hate to think this, but as many times as I had to open her mouth and dig out a stone, I am sure that she may have swallowed one or two-ugh! I hope I don't see any of them in a day or so-if you know what I mean. Something else very interesting happened. Carey called and said there were thousands of bees swarming by my parents house. Than all of a sudden they looked and they were in 2 large masses in a lilac and pine tree. My dad called the bee keeper (there are hives on the farm for pollination) (watch Jerry Seinfield's movie called "Bee Movie" if you want to learn more about bees) and explained that there were too many bees and they were looking to set up a new hive/colony. Apparently, the bee keeper had to come over and add new bee houses, than coax the bees and their queen back to the hive. That sounds pretty tricky I would imagine.


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