Thursday, June 26, 2008


The lazy hazy days of summer are here-well, maybe not the lazy part. Running after two 16 months old is exhausting, but we are loving summer!! Most days I take them in the jogging stroller the 1/2 mile up to grandma and grandpa E's to swing, play on their climber, have snacks on their pint size picnic table and of course, play in the kiddie pool. This week they have been into stacking things-cups, bottle tops, toys, etc... It was a busy week. We picked sweet cherries at the Orchard-YUM! (The girls missed seeing their Owen). I am also trying to get the new nursery together and have been painting and sanding every minute they are down for a nap. Tonight we had fresh strawberry pie. Oh, my dad has fresh tomatoes already and wow, are they good. The corn will be ready soon too. I can smell it as I walk through the fields. (are you getting hungry reading this?) This week, the girls discovered the registers in the floor and have been caught lifting them up and attempting to throw toys down the floor vents. There is no way to screw them down-they just sit on the floor openings. Whatever genius designed them didn't have small children. Eden has a new laugh that sounds like a high pitched horse whinney-it's too cute. We finally got to take a pontoon ride Sunday evening and all the new little cousins, minus Kiera, were there. Blaine was a portable feeding station to Elle, Emersyn and Eden. Thank goodness for fishy crackers.


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I am a wife and mommy of three beautiful little girls ages 2 and under. Life is CRAZY BUSY!!!! I started this blog for myself as a journal to help me remember the little things in life's journey.

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