Saturday, June 7, 2008

baby kicks

(above is a you tube clip of a corn kernel popping in slow motion)

Everyone has been asking me if I've felt the baby kick. I wasn't quite sure and thought I had a time or two-but I was reassured that when it happened, I would know. Thursday I was working in the recovery room and had a patient still coming out of anesthesia. The room was dark and quite (at home I am either up running around, or to just be awake and still and quiet is something that rarely happens, ha). Anyways, all of a sudden I felt a pop, like popcorn in my stomach, and I instantly knew it was a baby kick. I gasped out loud-I am glad my pt. was still asleep or I may of scared him. I had a permanent grin on my face the rest of the day. I feel her moving now all the time-it's so amazing.
It's Saturday night-the girls are asleep after a long, naptime, playing in the lake, stroller rides......and its finally 80 degrees! Yeah! Our Saturday night time activities have consisted of picking up toys, cleaning the kitchen/dishes, picking up toys, reading the newest Time magazine, and did I mention picking up toys.


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