Saturday, October 17, 2009

Tripletts, Tripletts, Tripletts,---aiy yai yai

Justin, Jait & Julius

A month or so ago, Dana, a mom from my Mother of Multiples group sold me her triple Choo Wagon.
I was so excited to buy it from her since they don't make them anymore and I didn't want to buy a triple stroller. We still need something to keep my three all tied down in, but separated. It really is a great little wagon. Anyways, my three and her three adorable little 3 year old triplet boys got together for a playdate. Can you galore in constant motion!!!
We had a great visit and the boys have now since been to the farm and even picked corn. Even in the chaos there is therapy being with a mother who is living life in your shoes. But aren't we blessed?
We were laughing at some of the crazy questions we get asked all the time:

Can you tell them apart?

Are they triplets (twins)?? This question always floors me. There are times I want to, with a straight face, say "No" and keep on walking.

Who's the dominant twin (triplet)?

Do they have different personalities?..ummmmmmmmmm YES

the list could go on and on


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