Friday, October 30, 2009

NIght time Issues......

Are 2 year olds inherently opposed to sleep???? Well, the ones living in this house are. Nap time is a hit and miss lately. Argh! And THAN--there's going to bed for the night. We have always, and continue to do, the nightly routine. Dinner, Baths, Books, Bed. Sometimes we let them watch a quiet DVD. We take them up to their big girl beds, they have their special blankets, say their little prayers, than kiss them goodnight. We close the door. Than, 'Where the Wild Things Are' come out! It must be fun to have a twin. There is playing, and chattering, and humming and banging. Than you hear furniture moving. Bright light shines from beneath the door. Things are being removed from dresser drawers! After a zillion times of trudging up and down the stairs for the day, we decided to unplug the lights, duct tape off the switch to the ceiling light, and remove everything from the dressers. Pajamas are put back on. The twins are re-tucked in their beds, sippy cups refilled. And the process starts all over. SO.............after this has repeated itself several times, Blaine decided he was going to end the fun (at about 10:20 p.m.). He turned off the breaker to their room. No night lights, no fan, no ceiling light. Quietness. Than, I hear this tiny little voice (Eden's)................... "Ella Bella, I love you Ella Bella".

Than, silence till morning. Ah! Blissful Sleep!

Wow-who knew breakers could be such a great thing!

Here is my precious little Eden Emberlen.........with recharged batteries




Rae October 31, 2009 at 1:40 AM  

OH!! We are in the same boat!! Emma learned how to peel the tape off the light a while ago, the drawers have tot locks so that issue was eliminated long ago. The breaker idea is awesome but Arch said it would take out more than her room, but we deal with the same stuff and more so shut down the whole house I don't care !! lol.

Barbara Manatee October 31, 2009 at 9:49 PM  

OMG! too funny that he had to cut the breaker! Paul told me you guys had talked about this the other night..makes me so thankful we're still in cribs and makes me think they should just stay there a bit longer! LOL!

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