Thursday, November 6, 2008

toothbrush wars

So the baby is now 3 weeks old and has gained more than 1 pound already. I have teased her about being a little piggy and I guess she is qualified-ha! My one major outing since giving birth has been to vote--I guess the social calendar is pretty grim when you actually look forward to going to the polls. The girls and I have been pretty much at home and I worry about cabin fever this winter-but I did manage to take several walks this week w/the twins in their double stroller and I put Evia in the bebepapoose (it's a long cloth wrap-LOVE it!). We've enjoyed this warm November weather-but I think the snow is coming. ugh! So this week-the twins have been doing anything BUT sharing. This afternoon, I heard screaming/hollering from the hallway. Here the twins were standing in front of their mirror (Blaine mounted one in the hall at their eye level-best toy ever) and they were fighting tug-of-war to the death over an old toothbrush one of them found. Eden won and than Elle was screaming even more. Than to add fuel to the fire, Eden chased Elle around trying to brush her teeth.


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