Monday, November 24, 2008

The label maker

I am married to an engineer-one that likes to have things organized. This is good and this is bad. Yes, his desk at work is organized but check out his closet sometime. ha. Anyways, Blaine went to a conference for work this year on organization and it has now gone from work and infiltrated to our home. As he says, "A place for everything and everything in it's place". So a label maker has appeared and my house is becoming one giant label (Ugh-its a good thing I love him). He attacked the kitchen yesterday and the drawers where the pots/pans go is even labeled. This could scare some people if they didn't know Blaine. He had the utensil drawer pulled out as he was not only labeling/organizing but adding more drawer latches to keep the twins out of the knives. So last night when he was putting the drawer back he started laughing. The open area where the drawer was must've attracted the twins as he found toothbrushes, balls, mega blocks, hand puppets, socks, etc.....that had been thrown inside! Those girls!


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