Thursday, November 5, 2009

The story of the Coy...................and Craigslist

Late spring the SKIP program had a Luau for the kids and we came home with a little baggie filled with 3 tiny goldfish. The little goldfish spent the spring, summer and fall in my parents cattle stock tank that caught rain water. The twins spent alot of time this summer scooping water from this tank and watering gramma's flowers and raised bed. Of course-we ALWAYS checked for the fish and counted them. This fall we wondered what we were going to do with the fish-and considered putting them in the big pond. Sadly, one night it got very cold and found one of the fish resting on the bottom of the tank-soon to be followed by a second one. Fortunately, the 3rd fish, which was the bigger of the three-and a Coy-ended up in a bowl in Gramma's house. (6 hands and a cat is not a good match for 1 fish in an open bowl in our home). Gramma decided that someone may love this little coy more than her..and so this MORNING, advertised the fish and it's bowl to a loving home-for free.

Tonight, after my parents were bombarded with 14 inquiring phone calls, one little Coy is now nestled in his bowl in the loving home of 2 young ladies who I am sure will love him (or her) very much!

The power of Craigslist!!!!


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