Saturday, November 21, 2009


I was trying so hard not to crack up this afternoon. The girls were all changed from their morning church clothes and playing while Blaine and I were getting dinner together. Soon, a not-so-wonderful fragrance from a poopy diaper was wafting through the air and I-for the billionth time in my life-was standing by the changing table doing wiping duties. The changing table is at the bottom of the staircase-which is gated off for safety-and has been the perfect place for time out. The gate closes, the girls sit on the 'naughty step', and we set the timer that magnetically sticks to the front door. I will have to say, time out has worked beautifully. Anyways, back to my original story, here comes Eden with her little deer finger puppet from Aunt Maggie (which they have been playing nonstop crazy with these finger puppets) and she proceeds to tell the deer that he has behaved naughty, places him on the step, closes the gate and tells Mr Deer, "Time out...4 mintues!" and marches away. She does this like she is totally a little adult. I am trying to hold my laughter in. So after I am done with my wiping duties, I asked Eden, "What is Mr. Deer in time out for?". She responds, "Mr. Deer said Mine-itius!!" Now I am really trying not to laugh-even though I am thrilled that they are listening to me and are somewhat understanding larger concepts. We are BIG Sesame Street Fans!! We sing songs from there all the time and I know the girls are learning things..good things..........except for this one particular episode that I could strangle Sesame Street for. The episode has Brain Williams from NBC news guest appearing and apparently everyone on Sesame street, with the exception of Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, & Leela get a disease called "Mine-itus"-a non sharing disease.
Everyone is running around Sesame street grabbing things from each other. Even Brian Williams catches Mine-itus and he's wrestling with a chicken for his microphone. The only way you can be cured is if a Grouch (Oscar) shares with you. Now, I understand the point of the segment, but what the twins got out of it was the non-sharing part and if you want something of your sisters' you play tug of war and yell at the top of your lungs.....MINE-ITUS!!!! I was hearing mine-itus, mine-itus, mine-itus, mine-itus, and was about to go crazy till Mine-itus became a naughty word in our house, and if it IS said, it will land you on the time out step.

Fortunately, I haven't heard this word in quite a while.... too bad Mr. Deer picked up on it!

Yes........I know................there was way too much background needed to understand Eden's little Mr. Deer's timeout scenario............................................but I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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