Tuesday, February 17, 2009

daily ramblings

Things that happened today:

2 toddlers start out the day in complete meltdowns-and ended the same way. Good thing the inbetween stuff wasn't so bad.

I have become a walking human hankerchief. My children literally swipe their drippy little noses across my arms and chest. My shirt has now un-officially replaced this being performed on the couch and cushions (another reason to keep those ugly old couches)

Eden was walking around this evening with Christmas felts on top of her head.

I found a strange mushy thing on the living room rug. I think I could be in CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)---- I was able to determine that this strange mushy thing once belonged to the end of a banana- which to its detriment, was hanging over the edge of the countertop and managed to find itself in the jaws of a toddler.

I found Elle playing with a metal nut-which she unscrewed from beneath the utility sink in the mudroom (yes, she is feeling much better). I am sure when Blaine screwed those in the FIRST time, he didn't think he would be re-peating his labors after a 2 year old figured out how to unscrew them herself.

Mt. Krakatau erupted in Evia's briches today resulting in a complete wardrobe change. Evia seems to produce volcanic eruptions about every 3rd day in this household.


Barbara Manatee February 18, 2009 at 12:22 PM  

what a day! I can relate to the human hankercheif! ugh!! Thankfully they do like to use Kleenexes too, so as long as I leave a box within their reach, they will go get one. The only problem there is how quickly we go through tissues then! haha!

Brooke February 24, 2009 at 1:30 PM  

I can relate right now...their noses are pouring and Brenna keeps spitting her bananas out and Liam is gargling his milk and letting it fall over the floors and couches...bleck!!!

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