Thursday, February 26, 2009


The Aliens have returned my stolen children. Finally! The last 2 weeks have been just downright horrible. What started out as drippy noses, ended up with Elle developing pneumonia and Eden just about getting it, topping it all off --the baby has a touch of RSV. We are just sick of sick!! Augh! Today, my crying, clingy, whiny children were replaced by happy, laughing, silly ones with ferocious appetites. Amen! The twins are now into naming everything-everything they pick up or look at they name: floor, wall, window, light, baby, etc.... Eden was so excited and pointing to something yesterday she wanted me to see. I came around the couch and she exlaimed "vacuum" like she had seen the most incredible thing ever. When I open the fridge, they are both there shoving themselves around my legs and naming everything inside: eggs, milk, cheese, oranges, apple, etc... Their enthusiasm and excitement over naming an egg is just downright precious. Every number Eden see's she calls out for example: the electronic numbers on the DVD player, the stove clock, the signs on the road, etc.. And they are learning their opposites too. Today Eden was coming down our stairs on her bum. She would sit and stand on every stair step and proclaim, "up" and "down" - than laugh. Everything to a two year old is fun and new and exciting (exept following mom and dad's directions-that is optional--ha!)


Barbara Manatee February 27, 2009 at 7:49 AM  

so glad everyone is finally doing better! All that on top of going back to work! whew! poor mama!!

Hope the weekend is long and quiet!

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