Tuesday, September 9, 2008

playing with dolls

Well, I have been trying to get the girls ready for the new baby. Everyday I play with the twins and their little toy babies (I can't call them dollies because our cat is named Dolly and they give me this crazy look when I say, "Go get your Dolly" while pointing to the baby doll. They must think, "Silly mommy, that's not the cat!") So anyway, I was trying to get Eden to play with her baby in the toy stroller yesterday. She took one look at the baby, threw it about 4 feet, piled a stack of wooden blocks in the stroller and pushed them around the nursery. Oh Boy!!! I think this could be a challenge. Elle could care less about babies and dolls. She would much rather play with her plastic zoo animals and bang around the pot lids and play dress up in front of the mirror. Tonight we were outside by the farm park and they spent about 2 minutes in their sandbox till they spotted one lonely little mud puddle left in the dirt road. That is where they spent the rest of the evening. Splashing and running through the mud-they were covered! Did I mention once again how much I love oxi-clean?


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