Friday, September 26, 2008

The "joys" of motherhood

The last 2 nights haven't been much fun! The twins got a virus from who knows where-since we haven't been around anyone sick. They have runny noses and are congested and running low grade fevers. Well, as those of you with kids know, nights are the worst and no one gets much sleep. Last night, I had given Eden some milk before carrying her up to her crib-BIG MISTAKE!!! Milk mixed with snot is not a good combination. As I was carrying her up the stairs she started gagging/choking/coughing and up comes all her milk, watermelon and hot dog chunks from dinner. Amazingly, she stayed relatively dry while most of it managed to run down into my shirt and pants. UGH! Poor baby girl. Thank goodness this didn't happen while Blaine was carrying her or there would have been 2 people throwing up and not one!!

I am now "officially" full term but with no signs of any baby coming yet. My due date isn't until Oct 16th though. I actually lost a 1/2 lb from my doctors visit 2 weeks ago. Is that even possible? It's hard to believe when I feel like Buddha when I sit down and can't bend over. How do Sumo Wrestlers do it? Nevertheless, we are getting SO excited to see our newest little baby girl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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