Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mother of Multiples Craft Night

My sister-in-law Carmyn and I joined our county's local chapter of Mother of Multiples last fall. There are about 90 moms in the directory but only 1/3 or so attend the monthly meetings (just moms-no kids). Tonight was the first time both of us had our twins to one of the groups organized playdates. There was to be pizza/salad and the kids could make hand/foot prints in plaster. When we walked into the church where the meetings are held, there was absolute chaos. Imagine seeing duplicates and triplicates of kids literally screaming and running everywhere. Elle and Eden just wanted to run and play, forget food and plaster plaques. Eden's diaper got offtrack and she left a nice wet spot on Blaine's pants-and I forget the diaper bag of all nights-AUGH! Poor little Kolton (one of Carmyn's 7 month old twins) cried most of the time because it was too noisy (I would've cried too). There were 2 little twin boys that had pulled ketchup and mustard out of some cupboard and were ready to spread that all over but were luckily stopped by their mother. My Elle managed to steal some little twin's pacifier from their carseat and Eden was drinking from a sippy cup I'd never seen before. There was a nursery room off the sanctuary with kids crawling everywhere like ants. Needless to say, while loading up the kids to go home I asked Blaine how he was doing. He said "I feel like my head is spinning and my chest is tight!"

Just a note of interest, when we had chosen the names for our twins, we wanted something unique not knowing any children with the names Elle and Eden. There are 2 moms at the mother of multiples who have children named Elle and Aiden (boys). What are the odds of that????


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