Thursday, September 3, 2009

sit -n-spins and POOP

Everyday there is something new at this house. This a.m, I was vacuuming upstairs in the twin's room and they were running up and down the hall squealing and playing. I got the sit-n-spin toys out (had to hide them for a while because they were pulling them up to cabinets and dressers and using them as stools and it was scaring me). They were spinning, laughing and mimicking each other (as usual). Eden would throw herself off her spinner and than ask herself "Are you OK?", then answer her own question by saying "yes", laugh, and then tell Elle, "You do it", in which Elle would throw herself off the sit and spin and Eden would say "Are you OK?". I told them they were so silly, and then they kept repeating, "You are so silly" the rest of the morning.

ok, the next paragraph is gross-so reader beware

So, I am officially sick of POOP!!! Yes Poop!!!! Good thing I am a nurse and have plenty of experience cleaning it up-however, I am not getting paid to do it at home. Ha! Though the twins are showing great interest in the potty-they are not doing 'it' in the potty. And the OH my. She is eating like a horse which results in her pooping like one too (sorry for such a graphic and gross posting on this blog-but this is my life with multiples-remember). I go #2 myself (um...don't forget that you do too), as well as clean up after Dolly the cat, so there is plenty of poop duty throughout my day. And I will be very very very very glad when this stage is OVER! I am now officially tired of, sick of, and ready to be done with cleaning up poop. Good thing Blaine takes care of this job for himself-for he would be out of luck.

oh-my big $25 dollar check for doing jury duty came this week.

I guess I can now retire

the end


Rae September 3, 2009 at 6:40 PM  

You crack me up ! Glad things are so much fun at your house.

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