Friday, August 21, 2009



After a tough week, I have to smile when I see this picture of my little twins playing 'dress up'. I had bought several bags of old cheap jewelry last summer for just this reason and what fun they did have! I am so glad this week is over-! Though I did get to spend part of the week watching the twins wrestle (a fun new activity they discovered), feeding Evie anything and everything that is edible, enjoying fresh cucumber/tomato salad, watching the fireflies at dusk while it begins sprinkling rain, eating hummus and McDonald's Sundaes at the park (how nutritious!), and taking pictures of my father playing with his grandbabies. I spent one day downtown this week in the court house dreading every second of that day, hoping, praying and pleading to God to spare me of being a juror of a murder trial-really-and He answered my prayers. The Judge was giving his speech to all the potential jurors about how this is our country's highest calling-ya da ya da..... I was formulating my own speech to give to the Judge about how this country's highest calling is being a mother-a mother who needs to be home raising her children so they hopefully will never ever have to be the defendants chair!!!


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I am a wife and mommy of three beautiful little girls ages 2 and under. Life is CRAZY BUSY!!!! I started this blog for myself as a journal to help me remember the little things in life's journey.

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