Saturday, June 13, 2009

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I have added several new blogs on 'my blog list'. There are some very cool photography blogs and cooking blogs-I especially love The Pioneer Woman. She does it all! I am adding a disclaimer about the blog 'matt, liz, and madeline'. Yes, there is swearing on Matt's blog and I am not fond of the swearing part, but I am a follower. Matt's is a tragic story where his wife had a difficult pregnancy, was 5 weeks on bed rest, than 27 hours following her C-section, she died of a PE (pulmonary embolism) from a clot that traveled from her legs to her lungs. Liz never got to hold little Madeline. This blog has 40,000 daily readers and is about the life of a single dad---this particular blog was featured in People Magazine.


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I am a wife and mommy of three beautiful little girls ages 2 and under. Life is CRAZY BUSY!!!! I started this blog for myself as a journal to help me remember the little things in life's journey.

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