Thursday, May 7, 2009

Potty Training

While I am certainly most envious of my friends and acquaintances who have toddlers who are now potty trained, we have not even come close, I don't think, to achieving this feat in our house. There is a potty in our bathroom that Elmo sits on and whenever I am in the bathroom going 'potty' with an audience of 2 red-heads, we have a re-enactment of Elmo using the potty. The twins even 'wipe' Elmo w/toilet paper, etc... I have read potty training type books to the twins for the last year, hoping, praying, that they would 'get it' sooner or later. NOPE! Why do I think this? Just last week, after taking a 20 minute shower, Elle got out, walked over to Blaine's side of the bed, squatted, and left a nice little puddle. Lucky for Blaine, I saw this occur and kept his socks dry. Last night, the twins were running around in their diapers and were headed upstairs for a bath. Eden pulled her diaper off, and than immediately squatted in front of the piano and created her own little puddle. As I am watching, trying to realize what she is doing, she reaches down and smacks the puddle to splash in it. Oh the joy of parenting!

And Eden funny: yesterday Carey helped me take the girls to the park, as we drove by the lake, Eden squealed, "Ocean!" Any body of water to her right now is an Ocean.


Barbara Manatee May 7, 2009 at 9:17 PM  

Don't worry...we're already hitting 2.5 and we're not making a ton of progress either. They will go on teh potty...but not staying dry for any length of time. hopefully this summer I can go 'full throttle' and get them out of diapers!

Rae May 7, 2009 at 10:37 PM  

We have had several successful #2 attempts on the potty, but that has to do with Emma giving us a preview with um shall we say the smell factor? 75% of the time when we ask do you have to go potty? It is no, no, no.... today she got off the potty climbed in the shower and made her own puddle which she proceeded in jumping in... Don't worry we are all in the same boat. Too bad they don't have potty training camp! Whoever opened one would make millions!

Brooke May 13, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

They went through a phase a few weeks ago when all they wanted to do was pee on the potty...although there was more sitting and thinking they were cute and pulling on the tp than pee, they did have some success. Then I went away for the weekend and they want nothing to do with it.

I'm not in any huge hurry...but less diapers would be better.

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