Friday, May 29, 2009

Blue Heron Update

I spoke with the Veterinarian this evening and I am so happy to say that 'our' Heron is alive and well. The arrow was surgically removed. Fortunately for the heron, the arrow was a target, not hunting, arrow. A hunting arrow with razor tips would've sliced that bird up instead of piercing it. The arrow went through it's ribcage but missed all vital organs. Miraculous!!! The heron is eating live fish post-operative, is on antibiotics, and is doing well. There is a chance that in roughly 2 weeks, they will re-locate the bird back to our pond. (yeah!) They like to re-locate adult birds to their home habitat where they are familiar to their surroundings and may have family. I have been on the phone w/a local hunter and am trying to figure out what may have possibly happened. We DO NOT want any more birds with arrows in them around here!!!


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