Sunday, May 17, 2009

From Head to Toe

Last week I bought Eric Carle's book "Head to Toe" at a garage sale. It has been a hit with the girls and tonight Eden came up to me and said, "Eden is camel" and pranced all around the house with her knees bent and than said "I can do it". Than she said, "Eden is Bunny" and than proceeded to walk around the house just like she did as a camel. I said, "Eden, be a Buffalo" and she continued to do her silly camel walk but kept changing the animal name. However, I could hear Elle around the corner gruffing and snuffing her little Buffalo sounds. Too funny. Later, Elle wanted to be a donkey and they both were kicking and "EE-Awwing". My silly little twins. Evia is the happiest of observers occasionally squawking her little baby sqeaks and merrily chewing on a string watching the parade of animals around the living room.


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I am a wife and mommy of three beautiful little girls ages 2 and under. Life is CRAZY BUSY!!!! I started this blog for myself as a journal to help me remember the little things in life's journey.

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