Saturday, May 30, 2009

2 year olds-what can I say

Here is a brief snapshot of one event of many that happens in our life with multiples. Eden has been going through a stage where she is happy one minute, the next she is crying or mad or whiny, than happy again. She can flip between these moods almost instantly-and it is driving me batty. This morning we were trying to get ready for church. To get 4 girls dressed (me included), plus Blaine--breakfast, dresses, tights, shoes, hair, bows, diaper bag, bottles, snacks, a few toys, hauling a car seat, etc...---and get out the door is a huge task. So this morning, I was trying to put Eden's shoes on-her adorable Bear Feet sandals- and for some reason, she didn't like it when I had to buckle the strap. She was near meltdown kicking and throwing a tantrum. Blaine had to help me hold her feet still so I could finish buckling the strap. I was just about ready to let her go to church barefoot. In stark contrast, I observed Elle-happy as a lark, wearing her green plastic Mrs. Potato head earrings and licking a plastic toy corn cob (I know, grampa must love that!). Two year olds-what can I say. (oh-and just so you know-this could be Elle next week, or next month, or tomorrow. I don't want Eden to think I am picking on her because these two flip flop from one day to the next).


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