Friday, October 10, 2008

The "Terrible 2's"

So the "terrible twos" are here and in full bloom (and I have learned that two is just a number-it lasts anywhere from ages 1-4)! Eden has especially picked up on the tantrum behavior and the first time she started kicking and screaming and pounding I at first was shocked since her father and I don't behave in this manner-so where did she learn this from. Secondly, I than was trying to restrain myself from laughing at her because it is amazing to see the volume of noise and the amount of energy that can come from a little 22 pound body. These little outburst have surfaced within the past 2 weeks, but was thinking of one that happened this morning. Our home has been literally invaded by toys (as Mr. Morgan says-we live in Toys-R-Us), so our children have not lacked from going without toys to play with and entertain themselves with. After changing the girls out of PJ's into clothes for the day, I was combing Elle's hair. To keep Elle occupied, I handed her a small yellow/green colored Tupperware container that was sitting on the counter. When I was done, I put her down and she ran off playing with the container. It wasn't 3 or 4 minutes and I heard a VERY loud scream and here Eden and Elle were playing a very vigorous tug of war with the tupperware. Elle usually wins the tug-of-war and was off again with her prized tupperware. I just wish you could've seen Eden. Her face turned red, she clenched her fists, threw her arms straight down and her head went back and she just screamed like you'd cut her leg off. I just had to laugh to think that all this energy was being expended for a little tupperware container.

Oh boy-Here we go!

This photo was taken at night after many of the toys are dragged out which Blaine and I than put away. Forget working out at the athletic club-just chase and pick up after two 20 month olds every day. (I think they have more fun pulling out their toys than actually playing with them and they pull their toys around to stand on them to get to other things they aren't supposed to touch)


Jessica October 11, 2008 at 7:33 AM  

Welcome to the fun of the terrible 2's! Caleb started his about 2 months ago. Calebs mostly stem from his strong need to have a choice! For instance he thinks he NEEDS to wear rainboots instead of regular shoes when we go somewhere and if he doesn't get the boots he flips out. Ah, the joys of toddlers. I cannot imagine having two! Kudos to you!

Hope your labor and delivery go smoothly when it gets here!

Oh! They are really close in age. Caleb was born 12/15/06.

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