Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baaaa....Baaaaa Sheep!

Today was really depressing. The day started out on a high note due to the fact that David Cook, my favorite pick from the start, had won American Idol last night. Yeah! Well, my co-workers informed me (following a staff meeting held yesterday) that the Ambulatory Surgery Center where I work will cease to exist as I know it. This change could happen in the next 2 weeks or next 2 months. So, who knows what will happen to my job. I know I won't lose my position as an RN, but where I will be and in what area and what shift is up in the air. These really are crazy times we are living in. So, will keep you posted on what happens there. On a good note, Eden is finally walking here and there. The funny thing is that it's outdoors where she feels more confident. When we get back inside, she is more likely to crawl. Elle is walking very well now and is constantly wandering around with a toy in her hand or something in her mouth. They are too cute to watch-these 2 little 20 pound bodies with teeny legs waddling around. They are growing height wise too and can reach many more things that they couldn't before. Elle discovered how fun it is to open the oven door (yikes-we are fixing that) and I saw Eden trying to push buttons on the dishwasher yesterday after she watched me start it. Those little smarties. I just finished reading a book (sacrificing precious sleep but couldn't put the book down) called Identical Strangers by Elyse Schein and Paula Berstein. It's about identical twins separated at birth who re-unite at age 35. What a story and what insights into twins-especially identicals. Did you know that if 2 sets of identical twins marry, their offspring will technically be genetically full siblings? Just some twin info for tonight.
Here are pics of the girls' visit to Jim's farm to see the sheep-baaaa!


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