Monday, May 19, 2008

Mountain Goats

It is official-there are mountain goats living in this house. Today I was in the living room with Elle and turned around and here was Eden standing, yes standing, on top of their pink retro kitchen play stove. I quickly got her down in a panic-had she fallen, she would surely of gotten a head injury. I couldn't believe she had gotten up there. Well, I watched her immediately attempt to crawl on the stove again. Like the incredible hulk with muscles shaking, she pulled on the play faucet with all her might, swung her knee on the ledge, pulled herself around into the sink, then easily she was able to step onto the top. The kitchen play set is going to be moved into our bedroom till they are older. They can still play with it, but only when they are in our room and I am constantly watching them. They say that mothers have a third eye in the back of their head, well, I am in the process of growing several-ha!
The pics are of the girls' first pig-tails. Too Cute!!! It makes them look so old to me.


Florida Girl May 21, 2008 at 8:10 PM  

They are too cute! Can't wait to meet them someday! Kids are a wonderful handful aren't they! I can't imagine 2 of Savannah running around though. I think I'm busy now, but with two... yikes! You're doing a good job!

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