Friday, August 15, 2008

our dirty daughters

Thursday night we had a picnic by 3 Oaks park with Judy and Jim, the Morgans and my family. Our special guest was 13 year old Ryan all the way here from London, England-his first time here visiting and will be staying with Judy and the Vixies. I think every second of his next 2 weeks are planned with adventures. We haven't gotten to spend much time at 3 Oaks this summer and the girls were running free. What caught their attention-and was our entertainment for the evening-is the dirt and soot from the bonfire pit. After a 4-wheeler ride with grandpa, they spent the rest of the night literally covering themselves with dirt and soot. Needless to say, they had 2 baths last night-the first one turned the water black. And thank goodness again for oxi-clean!!! Oh, did I mention the girls' obsession with themselves in the mirror. There are several hats and items we play dress up with in front of our big bedroom mirror. Since the door is usually closed to our bedroom because of things they could break or hurt themselves with, we usually go in their when I can constantly supervise. They love to walk back and forth in front of the mirror with their hats, etc... and you'd think they were on the runway in Paris the way they oogle and smile and bat their eyelashes at themselves. Its hilarious.


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