Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The end of August

It feels like summer is coming to a close-the air just feels different. I love fall, but dread what comes after. I am so mad at myself. This past weekend my cousins from North Dakota were here for a short but sweet visit and never once did we get pictures. How is that possible when I am the camera queen????? I guess Kimber and Tami will have to come back soon-ha. Good Luck Chelsea in your masters program this n/year at U of M Ann Arbor. I meant to post tonights pictures more than a week ago. Grandma Blanca, who is a very special lady in our church who is in her late 90s-I think she is 97-HANDMADE these adorable little yellow dresses for the girls. She has sewed, crocheted and knitted many beautiful clothing items for little ones throughout her lifetime and after she made these dresses (embroidery and everything by hand) she said she was done. So here are some pics of the girls in their special grandma Blanca dresses at church 2 weeks ago.
Just an added note-we are going through Olympic withdrawals-which is OK since we've been getting to bed WAY TOO LATE during the games. Amidst all the controversy, the games were great and China put on one spectacular show. The closing ceremony was almost like something from a sci-fi film. As the torch was passed to London for the 2012 games, out comes this double decker red bus that you see in London and out pops a few pop stars and David Beckham soccer star-who proceeds to kick out a soccer ball. Truthfully, I felt it was somewhat pathetic after viewing all the gorgeous costumes and the classy presentation of Chinese culture. London has it's work cut out for them. ps-I was so proud of Latvia and their medals they won-I was secretly rooting for them through the games. I've been closely paying attention to the Russian/Georgian conflict and pray that nothing befalls our Latvian friends in the Baltic States or any of Russia's other neighbors.


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