Monday, August 18, 2008

Glad this day is over!

Have you ever had a day you wish you could re-do? Today was one of those days. This morning I was trying to get breakfast ready for the girls. We were out of milk and the pancake mix was on low and I was trying to figure out what to feed them. The girls were pulling at my pant legs in the kitchen with a sense of urgency so I was rushing around, ignoring several calls coming in on the cell phone. Elle had left, to play I thought, and a few minutes later she comes back to the kitchen with dirt in her hands. Of course, the living room rug was covered in dirt as she had been playing in the plantar-AGAIN. I scolded her and told her "no, no touch". I returned to the kitchen, put some oil on the fry pan for pancakes and dialed my voicemail since I'd missed a call from the hospital. No sooner had I done this when I hear muffled crying. I hadn't heard crying that quiet before and got worried. To my horror, the side door was open and the gate to the stairs going down to the driveway was open and Eden was at the bottom of the stairs covered in dust and screaming. I am sure she had tumbled down quite a few of those stairs as evidenced by the matching gooseggs on her head and some scratches. I am just relieved at this point that she is breathing and crying. I checked her all over and she was fine. I know she was very scared but probably not as much as her me. I was hugging her and consoling her when I remembered there was hot oil on the stove which was smoking and almost on fire when I got back inside. I got the burner turned off just when Elle comes around the corner with her hair full of dirt clumps just as happy as can be. I was pretty close to losing it at this point. I don't think Elle appreciated having her head vacuumed but it worked. Of course, today we had a photo shoot scheduled at JCPenny's. It never fails. Schedule pictures and your kids get banged up. Oh, and get safety latches on the doors-!!!!!


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