Monday, July 7, 2008

Independence weekend

What a great 4th of July this year-our little girls got to see their first hometown parade. We all went to Aunt Sally's to watch (that's Aunt Sally with the twins on her Hammock-how cute). The parade was almost 2 hrs, and the girls sat through most of it watching all the clowns, cars, balloons, etc...I thought the picture of Eden sniffing a flower was too cute to not share. We enjoyed spending time at gramma and grampa W's lakehouse in the afternoon, but were in bed by fireworks time. One funny thing today-I found a little tennis shoe in the onion basket which is located in the lazy susan in the kitchen. Even though there is a safety latch on it, you can open each side a couple of inches. Well, that's enough space for a little 17 month old hand (most likely Elle's) to put a shoe in there along with an assortment of many other things. I find things in the strangest of places. (ps-Thank you gramma E for all the wonderful fresh peaches, strawberries, blueberries and fresh tomatoe juice-love Elle and Eden). (pss-Doc Wally, we hope you get well soon-we have some boony bashing to do).


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