Sunday, July 27, 2008


Another busy week has gone by and I didn't realize I haven't blogged since last week. The girls have really changed the last couple of weeks, we are hearing words now-finally. "All Done" is the hit and they wander around the house yelling, "All done, All done". I brought out the jack in the box toy their grandma gave them for their 1st birthday and they can crank the handle around pretty good, what is funny is that they crank it a few times and than run because they are scared of the butterfly jumping out at them. We have graduated from highchairs to booster seats at the table and so the girls sit directly in front of each other. Today they mimicked everything the other did. One would put her head down on the table, then the next would. Elle would eat her food off the table and than Eden would. I am still having trouble keeping Elle out of the dirt in our plantar. This week I caught her red-handed pulling dirt out. After I scolded her, I was cleaning up and here were all these cloves of garlic. She was able to reach, once again, into the "locked" lazy susan in the kitchen and pull out the sock full of garlic. She had peeled all the paper skins off and there was even bites in the garlic. My house was quite aromatic to say the least. As I am typing this, I heard a bang next to me at the computer desk Elle has a blanket over her head and is walking around blinded. She is laughing now. We have special visitors this week, Breighton and his dad Kenny plus their little dog Rocco-we are so glad to get to spend some time with them! The photo attached is of the girls playing with cousin Emersyn's new dolls and double stroller she got for her 2nd B-day.


Rae July 28, 2008 at 12:51 AM  

Sounds like you need the tot locks we have for your lazy susan. They lock whatever securely and you need a magnet to unlock it. It is what we have on Emmas dresser drawers to keep her from pulling them out and emptying them and of course using them to climb up on the dresser.


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