Thursday, July 10, 2008


This may be TMI (too much information) for some of you, but it's what happens in my real with life 1 year old twins. Usually, the bathroom is a place of respite and off limits-a place where the door is shut and "intruders" aren't welcome. Today, I had to go ASAP (which is happening much more frequently as I think does with most pregnant women) and the door didn't get shut. I am simply amazed at how fast those little girls can discover an opened door that is always shut. So here I am on the potty (the newly adapted, child friendly name for toilet, or commode if you are a nurse-ha) with an audience of 2 little red haired girls delightfully eying the toilet paper dispenser and anything else that they can touch. Luckily, I had a child's book in there, one from my childhood featuring Zero Mostel of Sesame Street which has photographs of him enacting opposites. Dolly, our cat, who never seems to miss out on any action, was immediately on the sink next to the potty observing all of this...... So here I am on the potty, reading a book on opposites to the girls with dolly over my shoulder. Like I said, this is probably too much information but all very real when you have little children-ha ha! Could this be a commercial for Mastercard's priceless moments???


Rae July 11, 2008 at 3:21 AM  

Lol, we go thru the same thing every day. I rarely get to enjoy the shower alone anymore because Emma just happens to be dirty or covered in some sort of food that needs to be cleaned off and it is easier to have her in with me, especially since the "tub" incident showers are much safer. Because our house is still in the middle of being remodeled and there are limits to the Emmaproofing we can do she is usually in the bathroom with us. She has discovered she can open the drawers, turn on the tub water (cause she climbs right on in), tears all the magazines and loves the limitless roll of toilet paper.

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